Helena Mc Guinness

Helena Mc Guinness TC,ABRSM, dipMIHCA,AROMA
is a Holistic Practitioner with a difference. She got her love, understanding and passion for voice from three people – her father Brian Mc Guinness, and Evelyn Dowling & Phillip Gilbert from whom she received classical training. Helena has combined her study of voice with the study of Holistic Medicine.

She has worked with people from the four corners of the globe, specialising in grooming performers for recording, concerts, auditions, competitions, exams and working with speech difficulties. Working in all areas and styles of music, from Opera to R&B. She has taken part in numerous productions as a performer and coach, and she has been called Ireland’s best kept secret and the lady with the golden hands.

Helena is renowned for her repair work with voices and her teaching technique. She teaches her students how to maintain and safe guard their voices while at the same time the voice grow from strength to strength.

In music studies you learn to read music using the dicing with music method, which is a 3-d method, which is internationally recognised. The dicing with music game makes it a fun way to learn theory of music while you play.

Kathy Mc Guinness

Kathy, founder of Dance Masters was born in Dublin. She started dancing at a very young age and began her training in R.A.D. Ballet. Over the years she has excelled in numerous forms of dance and did her professional training at The College of Dance, Dublin. She has also trained in Belfast, London and New York. Kathy is a champion Latin American dancer, winning many competitions over the years including ‘Champions of Tomorrow’ which is held in the U.K. and open the the world.