Gift vouchers available

Classes can be arranged 6 days a week,
from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm.

Ages: 4 to Adult

Our classes cover:

  • Holistic voice
  • Learn to sing at sight
  • Taking the confusion out of theory and replace it with fun
  • Speech and Drama
  • Junior/Leaving Cert. Voice
  • Ensemble Classes
  • Broadway classes
  • Public Speaking

At Dicing with Music we don’t teach a subject; we work with the person, and as every person’s
needs are different no two classes are the same.

Workshops are also available to suit choirs & groups of
every level.

Class Levels

Level 1.

Working from scratch!

No knowledge of subject needed to join these classes as class work from basic foundation level. Classes to suit any age group. You’re never to young or to old, so make your mind up and start something new to day.

Level 2.

On the ladder!

These classes you need some knowledge as we move forward from level one.

Level 3.

Students who want to prepare for exams etc.

  • Junior cert.
  • Leaving cert.
  • Music and Drama Schools etc.
  • Auditions

Invitation class

As the name suggests joining this class a tutor must put the student forward for Audition, as this is the top grade in the school.


Workshops tailored to suit your needs.

One day to one week.

Why not book your school or group a dicing with music workshop! or phone : 01 4592097

All levels also taught on a one to one basis

If you would like to take part in our classes, or request more
information, please contact us using our contact page.